Sites to See: The Human Clock

You can find out what time it is by simply looking at your watch or the clock on the bottom right corner of your computer screen, but the people who designed had a different idea. They created a site that told time in a unique and interesting way. It also requires participation from people all over the world. is an internet site where every minute a new photo appears that illustrates the current time on your computer. Photos are taken around the world and submitted to tell time. A new one pops up every 60 seconds. If you don’t like the current photo, you can pick from previous photos used to illustrate the current time. The list of links below the photo show the same time, but the photos were taken from different places and the photos were updated on different dates. Each photo was taken by a different person, the photo can be as simple as a clock in the background, but more than likely, the photographer decided to get a little more creative. So, check out the site, look at what the photo is that’s illustrating the time where you are, maybe even consider entering your own photograph.

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