Skin Deep: A Healthy Body = Healthy Skin

(Originally posted on Mi Chic)

My grandmother says bad blood leads to bad skin. She's right. Great, flawless skin does not begin with what we put on our faces and bodies but what we put inside our bodies. Face it: an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, and not drinking water enough will result in unhealthy, blemished skin.
 With all the chemicals loaded in our foods nowadays, it is important that we flush all those toxins that infiltrate our blood out of our bodies. Exercise (that make us sweat) and drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily may help, but here are two extra things one can do to flush toxins out their system and gain not only healthy skin but also a healthy body:

1. Drink a glass of aloe and honey daily:
I remember taking two tablespoons of aloe and honey in the morning and before bed while I was in high school (under the advice of my grandmother while staying in Barbados). In college I began drinking a glass every morning. If you can, it's better to buy the aloe vera leaves, mix with honey in a blender, and drink it fresh rather than buying the already made and packaged juice.

2. Nopalina Linaza Plus Flaxseed:
I swear by this. My skin really looks great. This Canadian flaxseed really flushes out the body due to the Sena Leaf it contains. Mix a tablespoon of the flaxseed with juice, milk, or water and drink a glass twice a day.

**Note: Flaxseed is known to reduce cholesterol, help with weight loss, and lower high blood pressure.

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