Small Steps, Big Changes: Creating Better Habits



The fall semester has ended and we have finally in a  new year to grow, inspire those around you— especially to live your dreams! As 2014 provides us with the chance to start anew, here are a few tips in creating good habits for the new semester!

Seize new opportunities.

There are no handouts given in life. Don’t be afraid to start something new and wait for things to happen, MAKE them happen! Talk to a dean or career services to explore opportunities that will benefit your future. Whether it’s juggling an awesome internship in an amazing city while taking a few courses at a university or studying abroad, do what makes you happy and cease new opportunities that will make you feel accomplished!

Concentrate on your goals.

Create a list for the year on the goals you’d like to accomplish. One of my goals this semester is to reward myself with straight A’s and get on the Dean’s List.  Keep your list someplace you’ll be able to view it every day, like your desk or your planner. Viewing the goals you have written down throughout your college experience will keep you focused on your prize. Make yourself proud.

Be productive and prioritize. 

It’s easy to confuse being busy with being productive.  We’re all so used to juggling one-hundred things at once, but this won’t help us stay in the moment or retain information in class. Prioritizing your goals for your entire semester will help you realize what is most important to succeed. To do lists are effective in each item on the list will feel so fulfilling! Stay determined and disciplined!

Step out of your comfort zone.

Are you shy but really want a leadership position in an organization you admire? Are you used to studying at the same place for an exam? Meet up with your friends at the usual spot? Continue attending the general interest meetings and keep in touch with the president of the organization; this can help ease the shyness a little as you get to know members of the organization. Try studying at different areas on campus; it can help you feel less antsy while looking through course material.  Look up different places to meet with your friends to change up the scene, it can feel refreshing for all of you! Positive change is good, so be brave!

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