Snakes on A Plane; Samuel L. Jackson on Your Phone

_My cousin sent me this and I thought it was the funniest thing I’d heard in a long time, so I logged on and sent it to all my friends._

As some kind of grassroots Internet campaign, Snakes on a Plane has a site that will allow you to personalize a phone message from Samuel L. Jackson to someone you know. You just have to do it to find out how funny it is.

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Postcards from Ali – Our Study Abroad Student Down Under

Last semester Lauren took you to the Italian cinema in Rome, this semester Ali’s heading to Australia! Read her first postcard from abroad and tell us what plans you have for traveling.


_”Sitting in seat 56K of United flight 839 from Los Angeles to Sydney, I realize I don’t know anything about Australia. Of course I’ve always wondered what makes Australia so different from everywhere else, that’s the reason I applied to study there in the first place. But I can’t help but wonder if wondering is going to be enough.”_

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