Sorority 101: Dealing with Bid Rejection


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By Erin Cunningham, George Washington University

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t end up in my sorority of choice. On my bid day, I was beyond devastated. I looked around at a room full of girls that I thought I had absolutely nothing in common with, and wondered why I wasn’t good enough to make the cut with my top choice. I considered dropping out that day, assuming that since I didn’t get into my first pick, sorority life was not meant for me.

Thankfully, every sorority has a new member period that new members can use to feel things out. As my new member period progressed, and I began to learn more about the girls in my pledge class, as well as the pre-existing sisters, I became more and more convinced that like a pair of shoes, I had found the perfect fit for me.

In preparing for rush, many girls end up having their heart set on one or two particular organizations. While you can prepare and memorize (what you THINK are) perfect answers and conversation topics until your eating, sleeping, and breathing sorority lingo, remember, nothing in life is ever guaranteed. Although I’m not suggesting you immediately prepare yourself for rejection, I do recommend not relying on only one “perfect” house. Every sorority has different things to offer, and you may end up discovering something completely new about the house you end up in that you had failed to see during rush.

When you go through rush, it’s important to do your research first and to try to discover as many positive aspects in every house you visit. Do they work with a charity you love? Do their values and personalities match yours? Are they warm and welcoming beyond your first invite? There will inevitably be certain houses that supersede others in your mind, but it is always important to keep things in proper perspective.

Just know that not getting into your favorite sorority isn’t the end of the world. While you may not end up in your “first choice,” you may discover it’s the best choice for you. After all, everything happens for a reason, and sorority rush is no exception.

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