Sorority 101: The Truth About Frat Boys

sorority_frat_boysBy Erin Cunningham, George Washington University

Once upon a time, we all dreamed of the moment we’d escape the immaturity lurking in our high school hallways and lunch room cafeterias. Forget all those crushes we harbored and the many times our hearts were broken by jerky boys who just didn’t get it. We were excited to finally leave behind our video-game-playing, professional-sports-watching high school (ex) sweethearts as we ventured into the world of sophisticated, handsome, and charming college men. What could be more exciting?

Somehow, the stereotypically superior male ego got lost in translation over the years. Now when we think of fraternity boys, our minds can’t help but drift to that ever-so-typical Animal House stereotype of the cocky jock living amongst his own dirt, sweat, and sexual conquests. In most people’s minds, fraternity brothers have only three things on their daily calendar – bros, ho’s, and booze. This opinion may stem from the vengeful frat boy’s ex-girlfriend I know who dumped her right before winter formal, or maybe even one bro’s little sis who regularly stalks his Facebook photos only to find red cups and guys clad in Professional Beer Pong League tees. And while there is some truth to the tale, like anything, there is always the real, the realistic, and the really exaggerated.

Fraternity boys will always be the guys every girl loves to hate and hates to love. As someone who had forever been “just one of the guys,” it was a surprise to both my friends and family when I announced I was about to embark on the journey of becoming a sorority girl. Despite my Panhellenic affiliation, one thing remained; I was still just one of the guys. While in some situations this may have been problematic or challenging, having mostly guy friends gave me some true insight into frat life. Although most Greek men may have their priorities skewed (think situations like “who can kickass at beer pong” or “how many girls can I get with in one night”), the fact remains that like every other species (and yes, frat boys can be classified as one of their own), we must remember there is always the exception to every rule.

While I’m not suggesting you dive head-first into the magical land of fraternal brotherhood, I do recommend establishing your own opinions. Always keep your guard up (the charm and that “I’m in a frat, bro” attitude can be ever-so-convincing), but remain open-minded as well. For every player who is competing to have the best sexual encounter story, there will always be the sensitive guy looking to bring a girl to dinner and a movie. And for every guy looking for a serious relationship, there will be that one boy who could end up being your best friend. Remember, if you dig under those Greek letters, you could find something truly fantastic (I know I did and then some!).

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