Sorority Chic: Little Sis presents

In case you’ve forgotten, fall sorority recruitment is just around the corner! And with recruitment, comes little sisters.

In most sororities, including mine, it is an appropriate time during the week of reveal to shower your little sister with gifts. But, what kind of gifts should you get? Here are some tips.

Make handcrafted items. They can be as cheap as you want them to be and it shows that you put a lot of effort into it. Find out as much as you can about your little sister and put those details into her gifts you make. Does she love to print out pictures? Then buy a cheap one from Michael’s and paint it.

Put your sorority letters on it. All pledges love showing off what sorority they’re in because they are so excited. Make sure to think about this when buying and making gifts. Try to incorporate your sorority letters, mascot and colors on as much as possible.

Paint her a cooler. My cooler is one of my most favorite gifts my big made me. I bring it to tailgate at football games, to the beach and to parties. It’s definitely a present she will use. If you are artistic, this is definitely a gift that will make your little happy.

Make sure it’s practical. Don’t buy her sixty million fluffy feather pens if you know she won’t use them. Buy things like keychain charms, sunglasses and t-shirts. What’s the point on wasting your money on something you know she won’t use?

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