Sorority Chic: Prepping for Spring Semester Recruitment


By Hayley Eselevsky, Student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Not only is it nerve-racking for those individuals going through sorority recruitment, but it can also be a scary experience for those doing the recruiting.

For those of you who are starting sorority recruitment within the next few weeks, here are some helpful hints to remember:

1. Be yourself
As silly as this seems, it can be easy to “act the part” of a sorority girl. It will truly be more beneficial to your chapter and yourself if you are just act as you normally would. Your sorority sisters chose you for a reason, so why pretend to be something you’re not?

2. Get sleep
No matter if your university has five sororities or if it has 20, sorority recruitment is exhausting. It is full of talking to potential new members, singing songs and walking back and forth. Make sure to get plenty of rest because believe it or not, you will be worn out by the end of each round.

3. Wear comfortable shoes
As I stated earlier, recruitment is full of running around and walking back and forth. As a recruiter, you will be on your feet almost all day. You don’t want to be worrying and complaining about your feet all day, and you don’t want to get horrible blisters. Wear your most comfortable pair, even if they aren’t your cutest. Trust me, you will thank me later.

4. Make sure you know what to talk about
There is nothing more awkward than a long pause when forced into a conversation with somebody. Make sure you have go to questions in your back pocket just in case there is a weird lull in conversation.

5. Have fun
As annoying and tiresome as the process of recruitment may be, it will go by much faster if you are genuinely having fun. Put all of your effort into your chants and dances each round. Really get engaged in the conversations you are having with potential new members, because who knows, one of them may end up being your little sister!

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