Sorority Savvy: The Best Advice Before You Bid

During the first few weeks after your arrival on campus, you’re bombarded by various student groups all of which encouraging you to join them. By all means sign up for as many things as you’d like, it’s not like you can’t ever say, “no” after you sign up. Signing up for different smaller opportunities helps to prepare you for the bigger opportunities that are often nerve racking. Bottom line; go for it!

College is a time where you live and you learn, but most importantly you live. Making the most of these four years, maybe five years, is crucial. For many ladies, joining a sorority is an option that comes up sooner rather than later and more often than not. Here is some of the best advice for before you bid.

Be yourself. Being you is probably the most important piece of advice I could give anyone entering college. There are tons of stereotypes regarding college and the students there, that many individuals feel they have to behave a certain way. You don’t.

If you go into an organization behaving one way and they love you for that personality, moving away from that façade is going to be tricky. Just be you and have people like you for you because college isn’t like high school. There are thousands of people (depending on the school you attend) that will like you for you. So, just be you! After all, the girls you’re presenting yourself to are your potential sisters.

Do your research. We’ve all heard about certain sororities and what they are known for, but that may not be the case in reality. A sorority that may have a reputation of being a party sorority may also be the sorority with the highest GPA, does the most community service and has a powerful philanthropy. On the other hand, the sorority that is known for academics may throw raging parties three times a week. Despite any stereotypes you may have heard, find out for yourself if they are true. You don’t want to make up your mind on a sorority before you meet them in person.

Have Confidence. If you’re nervous, don’t let anyone else know that. Well, don’t let the active sisters know that. Being nervous will cause you to behave oddly in the sense that you may develop nervous ticks or maybe become shy and present yourself in a manner that isn’t natural for you.

Just relax; we have all been there. Active sisters know how you’re feeling because they were once in your shoes and they will be as supportive and understanding as they possibly can be. Pretend like the active sisters you’re talking to are new friends and there will be less of a barrier.

Look good; feel good. This is a tip for life. If you look good, you’re definitely going to feel good doing anything that you have to do that day. When you set out for those sorority houses, look your best and you’re going to feel great! If you’re looking good and feeling good you’re going to stand out and sisters will notice! As a sorority sister, I love it when girls come out and they look absolutely gorgeous, it shows that they care not only about themselves but also about the sororities that they are interacting with.

Enjoy yourself. Rushing is not a process that you should dread. It should be fun, going out there and meeting new people and expressing yourself in a new way! When you’re out there showing sisters what you’re made of, enjoy yourself. Don’t ever take anything too seriously. Just relax and have a great time, you’re going to be a great sister!

What are your  big questions about sorority life? Have a great lesson you’ve learned from bidding? Leave a comment below or tweet us @UChic to share your questions and experiences!

By: Annique Jones, University of Colorado at Boulder

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