Sorority Life Game Raises Mean Girls Stakes

Full disclosure: We at avoid Facebook games just on principle. Between FarmVille, Mafia Wars, and every other annoying application we see our friends messing around with (not to mention clogging up our feed), we don’t have the time or inclination to make a long-term investment in anything that doesn’t pay better than free veggies and some nifty machine guns.

But then we stumbled across this article about the Sorority Life game yesterday, and it got us thinking. If REAL sorority girls like the Pi Beta Phi and the Alpha Xi Delta chapters are raising hell and acting like good girls gone bad, is it really surprising that 600,000-700,000 Facebook users have jumped onboard the beyatch train to try their hand at becoming “the hottest chick on campus?”

Has being notorious and popular replaced all those feel-good things most sororities try to sell us like sisterhood, charity, and community spirit? If the latest news out of Ohio is any indication, it seems acting out is the ONLY way some girls (or in this case, 35+ women with a passive-aggressive ax to grind on Facebook) think they can get ahead.

It’s a sad day when fraternities come off looking golden in comparison…




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