Space Saver: Tips on Organizing Where You Work


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By: Beatrice Rivera, Rutgers University

Wherever you work, it’s important to keep your space organized and inspired!

Evaluate What You Really Need

Highlight only what inspires you, like your favorite book or the latest issue of your favorite magazine; pin notes of encouragement from friends and family and other inspirations on a board on the wall.

Keep Away Clutter

Photos and calendars look a lot neater on a wall or pin board than on your desk. You should keep only the essentials; your phone, laptop, printer, lamp, and the like on your desktop. Give yourself enough space to work and innovate!

Stash Your Supplies

Separate your supplies into sections in your drawers so you know exactly where they are when you need them. When they’re scattered they can be stressful to find and can be distracting when displayed on your desk.

Get Zen

Occasionally rearranging photos and furniture can change the way you look at your workspace.  Make the space your own; someplace that you will feel comfortable. Add a little flare by adding some of your favorite prints in the room for a fun pop of personality.



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