Spend Your Summer Strengthening Your Resume

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If you didn’t land an internship for the summer, do not sit there and sulk! There are still plenty of ways for you to have a productive summer all while strengthening your resume.

These tips will help keep you on track over the summer while preparing yourself to be the perfect fit for any internships you apply to for the fall semester.

Remember: Employers hire throughout the year for internships, so keep in mind that you can intern and receive school credit for it while taking classes during the fall and spring semesters, too.

Volunteer. The best benefit of volunteering is making a difference. Through volunteering, you are able to reward yourself with the opportunity of developing job skills, making new friends and enhancing your education. Find a place that you feel you can connect to, such as an animal shelter or hospital, and dedicate at least one to two days a week to volunteer. The more hours you put in, the more leadership experience you’ll gain and will be able to network with people who can help you with your career.

Apply for a Part-Time Job. Part-time job over the summer will benefit you financially. It will also show employers that you have great time management skills and are accustomed to the professional world all while showing you have the responsibility needed for working with a team. While working, make sure to gain a hands-on experience alongside your managers. This will provide you with the best experience, and you can add it on to your resume.

Starting Planning for the Fall Semester. Once your spring semester ends, you should research at least 10 companies you’re interested in applying to in the fall or winter. After researching each company, make sure to write down the application deadlines for each. Make an appointment with the career center at your school to make sure you’ve got everything in order.

It also never hurts to carry an updated version of your resume and cover letter with you wherever you go. You never know who you may run into during your productive summer! Remember to have fun, as this will only benefit your future!

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