Spending Savvy: Extra Expenses to Eliminate Now


We live in a generation that is obsessed with the hottest gadgets and gizmos in technology, fashion and cars. There is this notion that we need to buy the latest items in stores and online. Unfortunately, our habits can get us into debt, and can cause us to spend extra money on items we didn’t need at all. Here’s some tips to help you eliminate those extra expenses so you can save your money for items that you need.

#1. Skip That Dollar Section

Okay, I will be the first to admit that Target’s dollar section is one of my best friends. You know when you’re not looking for anything in particular, you just happen to find things that you wanted/needed? I’m that girl at Target. I find the craziest things–like a $5 iphone speaker! Like who doesn’t think that’s a bargain?! However, this sets me into a trap because then I put things in my cart that I do not need, like a pair of hello kitty erasers for my desk at home. Truth be told, we don’t need these little things. These little trips to Target or your “weakness store” add up. That could have been money you could use going out with friends or saving it to put towards a bigger ticket item, like that fall jacket that you actually need.

#2. Skip Starbucks & Dunkin’ Donuts

I know, I know. Almost every girl I know either goes to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning before work and school, and they can’t live without it (myself included.) These morning or afternoon trips to get your caffeine goodness will only make you spend more money per week, month and year. Have no fear there is an alternative! Buy coffee beans/k-cups for yourself, and make it yourself at home or in your dorm. Buying bags of coffee or k-cups help you save a little more money than you would using your gas and money to get to grab your favorite caffeinated beverage. Did you know that k-cups are about $9.95 and have about 18 cups in each box?  You can use these k-cups twice a day, which is 36 cups total which is roughly 1 cup a day for a straight month and 6 days! Isn’t that worth it!? Also, you can buy the bigger bags of Starbucks coffee and make coffee yourself.

#3. Bring Your Own Food

If you aren’t near your cafeteria, you’re going to be buying lunch. If you don’t have lunch at work, you’re going to be spending more money and buying lunch. Instead of spending more money during the week, do a little food shopping and get some meals together for the week. It is cheaper to make meals at home instead of going out and buying lunch every day!

We hope these savvy spending tips help you! Remember to spend wisely!

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