Spring Fling: Four No Pressure Date Ideas

Warm weather allows the opportunity for love to bloom. Looking for some great date ideas? Here are four fun activities you can try around or near your college campus.


Picnic.  Find a place on campus with open space and a good amount of shade. Bring your favorite blanket (or towel), some food for lunch and there you have it- a romantic, casual date. Choose an open location, rather than a private one to add to the informality of the rendezvous. Also, pack foods like sandwiches or pizza- something that’s easy to share.

Pool. If your school has a pool with hours open to the public; this is the perfect opportunity to cool off and enjoy the sun. You can even make it a workout by swimming some laps with your date. After you’re done swimming, you can still hang out by the water and get a convo or two in. Besides, being in your swimsuit with your date is enough to break the ice!

 A Night on the Town. Treat your beau to a nice walk around campus or in the town  where your campus is located. From here, you can see a movie, go out to dinner, or stop by a friend’s house. The most important part of this date will be getting to know your partner and seeing what they like to do for fun while being a little spontaneous. Just like the saying goes, “those who have fun together stay together”.


 A Sporting Event. There’s no better way to show your school spirit and enjoy the weather by attending a game. Odds are your guy will love it, and whether you’re a sports gal or not, there will be tons of excitement and tons to talk about after the game is over.

Remember! Don’t be nervous or put too much pressure on “having the perfect date. When you’re first getting to know someone, the more casual the date, the better. The most important thing is you get to know the person you’re with and have fun doing it.

What are your favorite on-campus date spots? Share with us in the comments below of tweet us @UChic with your thoughts.

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