Stage Your Own Sit-in with “Free Paris” Protest Panties!

Long before the inappropriate jokes at the MTV Movie Awards, or the endless coverage on E!, there was an innovative idea brewing overseas. Why not use yet another instance of celebrity insubordination as an opportunity to raise money for ovarian cancer research?
 Paris Hilton began her first day of prison Sunday evening at approximately 11:15 PM, and as she prepares to serve 23 dark days of prison sans BlackBerry and Juicy Couture sweatsuits, America is torn. Does our beloved heiress deserve such harsh punishment? Should her sentence be worse? However, It seems that the United States is not the only country affected by indecision. Mio Destino, a lingerie shop in the UK, has come up with a way for you to decide for yourself all while supporting a great cause.

For $48.42, you can choose from panties with a ‘Free Paris’ or ‘Jail Paris’ applique for you, or briefs for your man (or any other male Paris Hilton lover/hater in your life). The panties are adorable stretch-satin boyshorts with black and white stripes (keeping with the prison theme) and trimmed with pink lace. AND everyone knows no true Paris supporter could forget about her pooch! Your dog can have its very own Free/Jail Paris protest dress for $67.79.

Fifty percent of proceeds go to Ovarian Cancer Action, an organization “taking steps to improve the survival of women with ovarian cancer, by raising awareness of symptoms and risk factors, funding research and giving women a voice.”

Some love her, others hate her but one thing is certain, Paris Hilton cannot catch a break. Now, I am in no way condoning breaking the law, driving under the influence, driving without a license, or the 2006 release of her self-titled album “Paris.” And I believe that every law-breaking citizen deserves to pay the price. But can’t we just cut her some slack?

Stalked by the paparazzi, from morning to night, she keeps the tabloids fat with information and the public starving for more. But who’s to say that she’s not just like us? Just a girl (with a slightly larger credit limit) trying to find herself. A girl making all sorts of “finding yourself” mistakes along the way as the world watches in horror. While she may not deserve to be freed from prison, she does deserve freedom from the ridicule and invasion of privacy provoked by the paparazzi. So, I say “Free Paris!”

Still undecided? buy both! To purchase the protest panties and support Ovarian Cancer Action visit Mio Destino’s website.

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