Start The Week Off Smart: Online Job Videos

Vayner dancing.We've all experience the joy of web videos. Whether you're watching videos on YouTube of the grape squishing lady or searching for cute clips of bunnies, there is no denying that movies on the web have great appeal.

But what about in a job application?

While trying to land a sweet job on Wall St, Aleksey Vayner submitted an online video of himself doing various tasks that he thought assured him a position. Ballroom dancing, skiing, and of course, breaking some bricks with his head. Who WOULDN'T hire someone who could do that?

In fact, where is his email? I'd like to hire him for this site.

Unfortunately, recruiters found this to be a "bad move," and don't encourage such attempts to impress.

So, searching for a job? Then please, don't send in videos of yourself breaking things with your head.

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