Start the Week Off Smart: Is a Must-See!

Girl singingDrink a good cup of tea. Buy yourself from new shoes. Find a stellar new diet plan. Upload a video of yourself singing a favorite song to win cash and worldwide exposure. You know, start your week off right.

Wait what? has launched, and with it, in the vein of websites like MySpace and uTube, brings a whole new form of Internet exposure. Like American (or Canadian) Idol, Online Idols lets contestants sing their hearts out, only instead of a television audience; you’re performing to the World Wide Web.

Can’t sing? No problem! Upload a video of you and your friends dancing, if need be. You can even rap your way to Internet idol stardom.

A relatively new site, Online Idols doesn’t boast too many videos, but that’s all the better for you! Less competition! ; )

Enter now for free! Tell us if you enter, and make us proud.

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