Staying Motivated During Fall Breaks

By Brianna Pennella, Ithaca College

Fall Break


As the mid-way point of the semester rolls around, so does the need for a well-deserved break! You’ve been working hard and now it’s time for a little R&R.

Some schools trudge on until Thanksgiving while others, like mine, offer a fall break in mid-October. This break falls right around mid-term exams and while the time off is a welcome brain refresher, staying motivated to power through classes until the end can be a chore in itself! Don’t worry though; every Chicster can stay in the game right until the final whistle blows:

Get to Work Early!

With a break approaching, it’s important not to leave projects and exams until the last minute. Spreading things out will make you feel less stressed and make those final hurdles at the end much smaller. Get a little done each day and by the last day before anything’s due and your break can start, it’ll all be a breeze. Remind yourself that the payoff is worth the time. If there’s something you’re dreading, don’t put it off. Face it head on and get it out of the way so that you can reward yourself later. The satisfaction of completing the task will remind you that you can get everything done on time.

Plan Something Fun!

Give yourself a conditional reward. Maybe plan to visit a friend’s school over your break or just start a new book. Whatever your leisure choice, make sure you remind yourself that you’ve only earned it if you work hard until the end. Enjoying the free time will be that much better. Plus, having something to look forward to can really make time fly.

Fuel Up!

It takes more than caffeine to keep running. Make sure to eat a good breakfast, stick with your workout routine if you have one, and take mental breaks between workloads in order to keep your focus. Staying up all night is never a good idea, no matter how much you need to get done. Get a good night’s rest and it will provide the energy you need to push on through to your break.

Support Each Other!

You, your roommates, and your other friends are all in the same boat. Keep each other motivated and support each other. Send good luck texts, leave motivational sticky notes on your mirrors, and check in with how everyone is doing. Knowing you have the support of others can give you that final push you need to make it over the hump and onto the holiday.


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