Stressed Out? Taking Everything One Day at a Time

Is it just me or do you ever have days where you wish with every ounce of your being that there were just a few more hours in the day? That if you just had a little more time you could finish ­­[fill in the blank]. (Options include your reading for class, getting some sleep, writing that paper, laundry, grocery shopping, studying for that big exam!)

The thing is … sometimes those aren’t just days; they are weeks … full on weeks or even months of crazy busyness where it seems like you will not make it to the end. Long days, quick meals, minimal sleep, exhausting work … the end seems far from sight. So, how do you survive? Sometimes all we need is a shift in perspective.

When looking at the big picture it can be scary. If I am sitting here on Monday looking at my week of work, classes, 3 papers to write, 1 book to read, a conference to prep for, a conference to go to, and then starting all over next week … it is a scary picture. Thinking so long term can hinder our ability to keep going because we end up weighed down by just the thought of upcoming days.

I have a friend who reminds me (rather consistently because I forget often) that we just have to take it one day at a time. Now, this seems simplistic but it is truly fabulous advice when put into practice. If you spend all day thinking about everything you have to do in the upcoming days you will loose your mind. Every time you start thinking in that direction just remind yourself to focus on today. You can deal with tomorrow when it comes. So remember, when it seems overwhelming … take it one day at a time.

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