Stylish Star 50 Handbags Inspired By 50 States

If you’ve ever wanted something more from your handbag, Star 50 has just that: something more. This quote says it all, “more than just a bag,” for indeed each bag itself comes with a story.

 And that is the unique-ness of Star 50; with each bag you get a trip back in time to memories that we all miss and like to keep close. With these handbags, the memories are never far behind you, in fact, they’re in the palm of your hand.

With bags such as the Vermont Sledder or the Maine Beach Tote, they invoke the state’s history and personality, giving you a general feeling of a snowy Vermont sledding hill or a day spent on a Maine beach, respectively. For those of you who have had those memories of white linen and sandy shores, the bag means something deeper. But even for those who have never had a road trip through Indiana (“Indiana Road Tripper”) or a visit to Wisconsin cheese country (“Wisconsin Porter”) we still get something special and understand a little part of another state’s heart.

The Mississippi Brunch Bag in particular (pictured at left) is something special; even as someone who has never been through Mississippi I understand its design. I’m immediately taken to a place where ladies in big hats are sitting at tables with delicate lace doilies and large floral centerpieces, chatting constantly about Susanna-next-door’s new beau. More personally, I’m reminded of Easter brunches as a little girl spent in white lace gloves and embroidered dresses. Now I can imagine myself using it for a day out with my girl friends, going to a cafe or lunch with my mom. It’s small enough for a luncheon, but big enough to hold a wallet, small makeup bag, and a camera to capture your future memories.

For the nostalgic girl, a Star 50 bag is something you must add to your closet. Amity Cooper, the founder of Star 50 handbags says, “I call these [bags] modern heirlooms, because they trigger a fond memory or impression about a place or time…People often buy the bags as a memento of a particular time or place.” But even for those who don’t have these memories, one of these bags is a cool new take on things retro and in the past, a great addition to any wardrobe.

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