Stylish Ways to Stave Off the Winter Blues

It might be cold and nasty outside, but don't let winter put you (and your style!) in a slump. Take these fun, creative risks with your hair, makeup and style to put a little color back into the grey winter days.

Sick of the regular old French manicure? A new, popular look for nails is the opposite of the white-tipped manicure; try black-tipped nails instead! This look is still as chic as its white counterpart, but it gives a unique, sexy flair to the plain Jane French manicure. This look can be achieved with black polish from any drugstore, or for a little extra cash, you can have nails professionally done (choose from either your own, natural nails or an acrylic set). Not into black? Try a hot pink or bright blue airbrush design from the salon instead.

Black eyeliner is a staple in almost every girl's makeup bag, but there are such a wide variety of colors available, from bright lime green to sparkling silver, that sticking with simple black seems downright boring. Try a shimmering white liner which will make eyes look larger and brighter versus a black or darker shade that will only make eyes appear smaller and more defined. If you're feeling really adventurous, splurge for a complementing mascara color, like royal blue, deep emerald green or burgundy.

Always wanted to try a new hairstyle or color but were too afraid? There's an affordable way to change your style and color in minutes – clip-on hair extensions! The clip-on version allows for you to change your style in a snap, so you don't have to wear the hair sewn in or even glued on your scalp. This means your hair won't be left damaged and if you don't like the color or style, no problem!

Try hot colored accessories like a yellow clutch or purple necklace to boost the sexiness factor of even the dullest of winter outfits. Or consider adding a hot pair of bright red wedges to your usual ensemble or wear them over a warm pair of knit tights.

Don't let the cold weather stop you from being your hot self; changing up your every day routine and trying something new could be exactly what you need to save you from feeling down in the winter dumps (and looking like that's where you came from, too!)


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