No summer internship? Now What?

Ever thought about doing something exciting and new after graduation?

You're grown, mature (let's hope) and ready to take on the why not explore it a little? Working abroad after graduation can urge you to become more responsible, more cultured and you'll meet amazing people.

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As an undergraduate, I decided to complete my internships during the fall and spring semesters of my junior and senior year. Although it was hectic at times, I preferred having my summers to work on things I may not have always been able to being away at school. If you do not have an internship this summer, don’t worry! There are plenty of roads you can take to still be productive growing your networking and expanding your skills.

Summer is a perfect time to explore interests you have, but have not perused maybe due to a busy schedule. If you’re able to, try applying for a part time position in a field that holds your interest. You never know what could come from this possibility. This would be a great opportunity to foster a mentor in a possible field interest post college.

If you’re able to afford to, summer is a perfect time to volunteer, especially for a non profit. Non profits are always seeking volunteers to assist with upcoming events. Non profits that work with schools rely on the extra assistance from volunteers over the summer to make sure that all projects are completed on time. As someone who works in the non profit field, volunteering is definitely the route to take if you are interested in one day working for a non profit. Volunteering as a Relay for Life committee member is actually how I was able to get my first job after college with the American Cancer Society.

If you are still unsure what field you want to pursue post college, the summer is a great time to schedule informational interviews with companies you might want to work for. Even though there may not be a position or internship available at this time, making the time for an informational interview will definitely put you on the company’s radar for when a position does open up.

No matter your plans, make sure you keep contact with people you meet and send thank you notes(a thank you e-mail is always a must but handwritten notes also make a great impression).And finally….remember to make the most out of your summers as an undergraduate and have fun!

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