Summer Jobs for College Students: Hard to find?

According to an article on Fox’s Web site, 20 percent of all “teenagers” (from 16-19) are unemployed. If you find yourself in that group, even if you aren’t a teen, we have some tips to help you land that summer gig.

Fox’s article detailed 6 Summer job Options for College Students, including unpaid internships, co-op programs, and opening your own business. What if these models don’t work for you? You might want to try using the Web.

Searching for a job, part or full time, online seems to be one of the best ways to do it these days. I did, however, read an article on New Grad Life’s blog which said that many people forget that thousands, maybe more, others are applying to the same jobs and so it’s more important than ever to diversify.

The Web is a great tool, but it’s not the only tool. Think about checking out your local restaurants, mom and pop shops and other local venues that might need some extra help this summer. Unpaid may be the way to gain credit for a full time job later on, but if I know you, you’re thinking about those gorgeous jelly sandals that need to be bought today, on plastic credit.

Here’s some of the most popular Web sites:

1. Craig’s List: Is actually one of the best search engines for jobs; it’s unpretentious and gets you immediately connected with an employer–perfect for getting a job in a hurry.

2. Monster: Monster’s college Web site is dedicated to this sort of thing and an excellent resource because employers and recruiters can search for you– making your search active AND passive.

3. Job Aggregators: using sites like Simply Hired or a job board blog help you to find all (or most) of the jobs on the Web on one site. It’s quick, easy and usually painless.

What are your favorite sites for this? Any tips for your fellow chicsters? Comment below!

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