Summer Romance: To Stay Single or Mingle

"Anyone that knows me knows that I pack a lot, even if my trip is only for a weekend, so luggage is extremely important to me. When I spotted this pink set by Pierre Cardin, I fell in love."

Summer Love is a tricky subject because while there is much fun to be had in the sun–there is always, in the back of your mind, thoughts of another school year. Especially for Chicsters back home after college it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should mingle or stay single.

1. Don’t Let The Threat of LDR Stop You: If you are wanting to mingle don’t let the threat that you might have to go through a long distance relationship stop you. It will be painful if you have to do it, but it can work. Don’t be one of those girls who shuts people out just for the sake of staying out of a long distance relationship.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Not Date: If you want to take a summer away from the dating scene don’t be afraid to not date. There are plenty of summer activities that don’t involve a boyfriend like going to the movies, the beach, or my personal favorite–shopping!

3. Go To Places and Meet People: If you want to get yourself out there, you have to do something during the summer. Yes, it’s hot and lapping up the air conditioning is great–but try doing a little mingling. Go to a summer concert or music festival. Go to karaoke with your friends or go to the beach. There are plenty of places to meet people in the summer!

4. Be Open To Change: If at any point during the summer you decide that you want to stop dating or start dating be open to doing that, but also be open to the changes in your lifestyle–especially if you want to start dating in the middle of the summer. You will have to do things to meet people.

5. You May Not Have To Look Far: Sometimes it’s not about finding new people, but rediscovering people you already know. People can change a lot in a summer so keep up with those people you want to get to know more, and rediscover those you’ve drifted away from.

I hope these tips have helped you. What are your tips for staying single or mingling during the summer? Tweet them to me at @AmandaJPCross and tag #UChic or leave a comment below!

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