Summer School: Celebrity Classes 101

Looking for an interesting summer class or thesis? You may not have to look further than MTV to find a course or topic.

Meghan Vicks, a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado, writes academic articles on Gaga. Yes, THE Lady Gaga. She and Kate Durbin started a blog about the fame monster named Gaga Stigmata where they discuss and critically look at Gaga’s work.

For a full interview with the duo, check it out here: (

Cambridge University is also jumping on the celebrity bandwagon as well and is officially adding a full-length Twilight course to its curriculum. The course will study the series’ effect on popular culture and will be taught by Dr. Natalie Wilson.

With all of these new pop cutlure topics popping up, maybe someday soon colleges will actually implement programs we’d REALLY like to see like The Philosophy of Lost, Gossip Girl: The Study of Modern Melodrama in Television, and of course, Spencer, Heidi, and Reality TV Villians and Character Archetypes.


By Kara Apel

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