Our Favorite Summer Beauty Fix-its

Great weather demands extensive amounts of time outside, but communing with Mother Nature isn't always a good thing. As a matter of fact,  sometimes it can be downright brutal to your beauty regimen. From bug bites to bad hair, poison ivy, and sunburns that make you miserable, this beauty alert contains all of the latest and greatest summer fix its you'll need to look your best AND feel great.

Fix the Itch: Who says divas and fashionistas can’t enjoy the warm weather on a camping trip?  We all know that it’s not a fear of the dark that holds us back — it's those awful itchy bug bites we find upon our return home.  Now you can avoid being eaten alive by using Burt’s Bees insect repellent ($8.00).  It is 100% natural and the repelling fragrances are mixed with other natural oils to take away the bad chemical smell.  Already sporting fresh bites from a weekend spent outdoors?  First Aid Beauty healing stick ($14.00) will take away any inflammation of the skin such as bug bites and quickly relieves any itch (it's also great for bee stings and poison ivy!).

Ditch Those Dry Locks: Laying in the sun or a chilling by the pool is half the fun of summer, but prolonged exposure may turn your luscious locks into a dry bale of hay.  Phyto 9 daily nourishing botanical cream ($26.00) for ultra-dry hair, will help mend the damage caused by sun or chlorine.  Available at Sephora, it is all natural and infused with plant extracts that not only replenish hair, but help avoid frizz and split ends.

Beat the Burn: Skin protection is the most important thing to remember when spending a day at the beach. Of course, an extended swim in the lake or ocean can leave you feeling a bit flushed. When your SPF washes away, and you're left with a nasty burn, aloe vera is the best remedy.  You can't go wrong with a classic like Banana Boat's aloe after sun lotion ($4.99).  Sunburn leave you with a smattering of freckles? Shiseido sun protection liquid foundation ($34.00) is waterproof and contains an SPF, so it protects your skin while minimizing any sun damage caused by too many days of summer fun.

By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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