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Getting real on the Steve Harvey Show!

Navigating your way through your early 20s can be difficult and frustrating and sometimes the best way to handle day to day situations is having the ability to laugh at yourself. I came across Jen Glantz’s blog The Things I Learned From and found her stories to be a good reminder that we should all never take ourselves too seriously.

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from our interview. Enjoy!

Getting real on the Steve Harvey Show!

Getting real on the Steve Harvey Show!

1. Reading your blog, I found the majority of the articles so relatable. How do you keep yourself motivated to consistently contribute great posts?

When I first started my website, The Things I Learned From, I made a promise to myself to write about what was currently happening in my life – no matter how awkward or embarrassing it was. Whether it was finding a job, going on what felt like my 100th first date, or even just learning how to make it NYC, I have tried to expose the intimate details of my life through my writing in order to inspire other people.

2. You are definitely not afraid to be yourself! What steps did you take to build your brand while keeping true to yourself?

I try to connect with my audience through humor. I try to take whatever is going on in my life and write about it in a humorous light that makes myself and my readers laugh. That keeps me learning more about how to conquer the different challenges and situations I find myself in.

3. What advice do you have for young women who are interested in pursuing their love for writing?

Start now. Don’t wait for a spark of creatively or for the ideas to flow. Open up a word document and write your first 100 words. Then, never give up. Never ever ever give up. Even when rejection slaps you in your face and you’re frustrated with yourself – don’t give up. That’s when things start to get brilliantly interesting. I promise you that.

Bridesmaid for Hire

Bridesmaid for Hire

4. How do you manage your time so that you can meet your deadlines and accomplish the goals you set for yourself?

I have quite the love affair with to-do lists. They surround my every move and sometimes make quite the appearance in my dreams at night.

5. What motivates you to connect to other young women who are also chasing their dreams?  

When we’re growing up in our teens and early 20’s very few people in our lives are there to root for us. I’ve always wanted to become that person for others. I always wanted to be the person who shouted from the top of my lungs, “Live your wildest dreams.”  I have wanted to do this because you can and because I know you should.


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