Volunteering is more than something you do in school to make your resume look amazing. For me, volunteering led me to my dream job.  I started volunteering in high school and I haven’t stopped since. The experience I gained led to my current job at Autism Speaks. I have a few cousins on the spectrum

“Can you stay friends with an ex?” is a question that almost every girl has asked herself with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in hand. Whether you did the breaking up you were the break up-ee, it can be difficult to recover from the end of a relationship. While situations may vary, if you

Social media is a huge part of our social life. It is fun and a great way to keep in touch with loved ones and friends. But it can especially be tricky when you begin job hunting. Make sure you know the do’s and dont’s of social media. 1. Familiarize Yourself with Privacy Settings This is very

By Martha Adjei In college, “winter” was the time we would use to prepare for spring semester, whether that meant enrolling in an extra class or taking a much needed break from the fall. However, in the post-grad world, the winter is just another month to continue working, volunteering, or keep on whatever you are

By Brianna Pennella, Ithaca College As the mid-way point of the semester rolls around, so does the need for a well-deserved break! You’ve been working hard and now it’s time for a little R&R. Some schools trudge on until Thanksgiving while others, like mine, offer a fall break in mid-October. This break falls right around

By Emily Roseman, Alumna of American University One of my biggest pet peeves throughout my academic life was the word “helicopter parents.” It’s a teaching buzzword thrown around when debating the appropriateness of “over-involved Moms and Dads” and is something that to this day still rubs me the wrong way. My parents were equally as

According to a UCLA study, women are more drawn to buff, guys for short-term hookups, but would rather have relationships for less muscular men. Do you agree?

Since there seem to be no rules about dating in college, how do you know when you and your guy are no longer just hooking up, but actually in a real relationship?

Have random hookups replaced dating on college campuses? And if so, is this a good thing?

Spending all your time with your boyfriend can cause issues in the relationship, especially if he wants some space.