Chicsters! Finally, it’s Friday. Sit back, relax and take a quick break to check out must-read and Twitter highlights that we shared this week. LYD Stars: Larcy: “Instead of being fearful of change, however, she was fearless; leaving a prestigious advertising position at the iconic The New York Times to pursue her dreams of

For some college students, graduation is quickly approaching with mixed feelings of excitement, fear and sadness. College is considered to be, “the time of your life” and after that, you’re in the real world and have to become an adult; there’s no question, transitioning from college into the real world is hard. Chicster, and recent

Happy March, Chicsters! Congratulations. You’ve finally made it to Friday, so take a quick break and check out great highlights this week: LYD Star- Weesie Vieira: “Meet Weesie Vieira. Don’t let her sweet and bubbly persona throw you off– behind her amicable smile and fashion sense,she’s a diligent publicist proving her way to the top. Though

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chicsters! What did we LOVE on UChic this week? Check out excerpts below from our must-reads: Editor Relections: Unpaid Internships to NYFW: “Many times, unpaid internships make college and post-grad women feel under-appreciated and overwhelmed; I know that’s definitely how I felt back then. But now, with a career doing what love, filled

As our generation knows all too well, there is an app for everything. So many, in fact, that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to stay on top what’s going to get you going and what’s going to just sit inside your screen. Two of our tech-savvy Chicsters share the apps that they’re most pumped to put

By: Annique Jones, University of Colorado Boulder When you first arrive on your college campus you’re either expecting your experience to be just like what you saw on your favorite college girl movie or you’re secretly terrified and don’t know what to expect, but you’re playing the cool kid role in front of mom and