It’s that busy time of year again, when everyone is cramming for finals and making summer plans. With so much on your plate, the last thing you want to be worrying about is what to get your graduating sorority sister. These ideas will save you some legwork. Graduating sisters have accumulated countless memories during their

Spring is such a great time for everyone. The semester is almost over, winter is (hopefully) gone for a couple of months, and everything is renewed.  However, spring can also be a distracting time for many students. With the weather improving and the semester almost over, many students succumb to procrastination and a general demeanor

It’s that time of the year again! The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone is in a frenzy. You’re thinking of what to get your loved ones or what to bring to a family dinner and if it will burn a hole through your wallet. Now it’s time to stop stress and… Set a Shopping Budget.

By Amanda Cross, University of Central Arkansas You’re almost half-way through your senior year; now what?! There’s a lot to do, we know, but you, too, can be a college pro before you even step foot on campus: 1. Apply: Obviously the most important thing with planning for college is applying to college. It’s important that