From crippling student loan debt to glass ceilings, internships to sexual assault on campus, young women in America today have a lot to figure out and fast.

Young women need as much knowledge as possible to move forward in a world that is just now engaging in an honest discussion about gender equality.

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1. Don’t let freshman orientation overwhelm you.

Brooke Stafford is a junior at Penn State University.  If you’re anything like me, you change your outfit like you change your Twitter status— frequently and shamelessly. One minute you’re at the gym in your cutoff tank and comfy yogas and the next you’re catching up with your hilarious roommate in your romper and Converse

“Can you stay friends with an ex?” is a question that almost every girl has asked herself with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in hand. Whether you did the breaking up you were the break up-ee, it can be difficult to recover from the end of a relationship. While situations may vary, if you

Being a senior in college is a weird feeling. It’s bizarre to think that every time you come visit home, it’s one less time you’ll be travelling back to school. Honestly, this whole year has been a rollercoaster ride—emotionally and physically—and I can safely say that any senior you talk to will say the exact

The second-half of the school year is approaching quickly for most Chicsters, whether you are in high school or college! It can be hard to get motivated right away, but with these steps, you’ll already be set up for success. Make a goal: It’s hard to be motivated if you have no idea where you

It’s that time of year again; Nope! Not the holidays– It’s finals frenzy, and we know it’s crazy time for everyone  going through it. What’s the best way to stay sane? We’ve got your how-to on  to properly preparing 1. Know Your Schedule: First things first, know when and where of your finals. It’s important to know,

By: Beatrice Rivera, Rutgers University Midterms are here. We’re sure you’re buckling down and feeling overwhelmed with papers, projects and exams—but take a breath and break— here are the best ways to survives this stressful season:      Avoid Self-Sabotage Insecurity makes focusing on your studies much more difficult. Stay motivated; remember the reason why you

  By: Amanda Cross, University of Central Arkansas Choosing a college can and will define the next four years of your life; and I’m here to help you along with your collegiate selection journey. Chicsters everywhere rejoice, here’s how to find the best college for you! 1. Figure out what you want out of college: