“Can you stay friends with an ex?” is a question that almost every girl has asked herself with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in hand. Whether you did the breaking up you were the break up-ee, it can be difficult to recover from the end of a relationship. While situations may vary, if you

So it’s your first semester at college. You’re feeling anxious yet excited about what these four years will bring— and you’re probably wondering about how many cute guys there will be on campus! While college dating can be healthy, remember that your number one priority is to YOU! That’s why it’s important to:   1.

By Amanda Ferrara, Student at NYU So you meet a new boy at college; he’s funny, cute and totally likes you. The only problem is he lives right down the hall. What do you do? When it comes to “dormcest”, there are two main concerns that people have before they decide to take the plunge

By Maggie Grainger When you’re fresh out of college, it’s easy to get consumed with your job. And since you’re at work all the time, it’s easy to develop a crush on that cutie in the cubicle next door. But when the eye candy turns into a possible significant other, what’s the protocol? And how

We've all heard that in order to have a friend, you have to be a friend.  I've recently discovered that this basic principle applies to all kinds of relationships: with family, with co-workers and with significant others.

I've talked about my absolute distrust (and disgust) of online dating sites before. It's not that I don't think they can't work out for others, but I personally would just rather meet someone in a "cute" old-fashioned way, like through mutual friends or at a party. Maybe I'm behind the times, but that's what I feel comfortable with.

I know they call it the "dating game" for a reason, but is tricking a man into being with you really acceptable?

Apparently,  Margaret Kent, author of How to Marry the Man of Your Choice, thinks so.

Lately, I've been running.  Two miles.  Every day.  This is quite different from my usual after school routine a few months ago which had included a bottle of Carlo and reality T.V.

In relationships, I've always been a fighter. I've been a lover as well, but when I'm pissed – you know it. And so does everybody else within a half-mile.

As of late, my love life has been pretty non-existent. I blame it on lots of things: hanging out with same friends as my ex, partying at the same places weekend after weekend, being way too wrapped up in school to even fathom the idea of a relationship.