By Emily Diekelmann Post-grad finances are the big elephant in the room that nobody talks to you about before graduation. After you receive your diploma and start your new job, all of a sudden you’re in the ocean with a life jacket but no boat, struggling to stay afloat while those big financial waves keep hitting.

By Emily Roseman, Alumna of American University Colleges are breeding grounds for do-gooders. With endless philanthropic opportunities and boundless volunteerism thrust upon your academic experience, it’s at times hard to fit in any “me time” when you’re busying helping others! But when push comes to shove in the real world, you tend to shift from

  By Megan Anhalt, Alumna of the University of Southern California           So you didn’t get your dream job … and this might have come as a bit of a shock. Before you go all … … there are some things you should know. Specifically, these five things every college student

By Maggie Grainger When you’re fresh out of college, it’s easy to get consumed with your job. And since you’re at work all the time, it’s easy to develop a crush on that cutie in the cubicle next door. But when the eye candy turns into a possible significant other, what’s the protocol? And how