As the spring warms into summer and school becomes an afterthought, the most flirty and fun season for makeup begins. From bonfires to grad parties, baseball games to patio dinners and the beach, here are some of my must-have beauty buys for flawless summer skin. I swear by tinted moisturizer for spring and summer looks.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back into the swing of things! Whether you’re going back to work or school, it’s a brand-new year which means a the chance to start a brand-new routine that you can stick to. So, how do you keep active during the winter months? We’ve got

Too much turkey? A mountain of mashed potatoes? It happens to the best of us. The holiday season can become a nightmare for your waistline if you’re not mindful. It’s important to think about your plan of action before you dive into all the holiday goodies that you family will make. It’s okay to indulge a

By: Emma Martin, Ithaca College What is your go-to snack when cramming for a big exam? A sugared-up cup of coffee to propel you through the night? A candy bar to spike your energy? Or do you retreat to a cream-covered donut to console your misery? As it turns out, all that sugar may be

  By: Beatrice Rivera, Rutgers University As a commuter student, I find it difficult at times to eat healthy. Some days, I leave campus at 6 p.m. or later, and by the time I arrive home, I’m exhausted! What we choose to eat plays an important factor in our daily performance, as well as our

By Olivia Lawnick, Student at Newberry College  Not everything they teach you in school is useful when you are learning it, but you might find you need that information later in the real world. Algebra at the grocery store, spelling on a job application and sex education in … well, wherever. Besides the basics covered

By Olivia Lawnick, Student at Newberry College Want to get fit? Take advantage of technology, and by that, I mean try these great FREE apps. What do you have lose? Nothing, except some weight and bad food habits. Using an app can really help you reach your fitness goals. They are convenient to use and

Wondering how you can avoid the Freshman 15 without having to hit the gym every day? Angeles Burke has some tips and tricks you can use to stay in great shape without having to leave the comfort of your dorm room! Check out her list below: College Dorm Dips Using your desk or even your

By Emily Roseman, Alumna of American University Like so many of you, I remember the exact moment September 11th  rocked our world. Sitting in my sixth grade English class, the beautiful early autumn weather rolled through the empty hallways. A soft wind ruffled some loose papers as fast-approaching footsteps turned into a full-on sprint down the sixth grade

By Olivia Lawnick, Student at Newberry College  Every college-bound girl is terrified of the Freshman 15, the urban legend that is a lot less legend and very real. The unwanted weight gain can result from a few different factors such as overeating, stress and bad food choices. The most important thing you can do to