UPDATE: After two years writing, recording and countless trips, the time has finally come to release a new album. She has officially released her debut studio album!  Stay tuned! We have some exciting happenings involving Gracie coming up soon!   UChic’s very first

Sarah Cole is an upcoming junior at Harvard University. She is an organizer of the Diversity Report, a movement that led to the “We are Here” demonstration, part of the attempt to increase support for minority students on campus. Let’s start from the beginning. How did the Diversity Report begin at Harvard?  The Diversity Report really began as a

Not very often in life do we find ourselves ready to make big changes, right now.  When it comes to careers, for young women especially, there is an immense pressure to find something you’re good at and grow with it— even if that means sticking with something that doesn’t satisfy you. We push out of