In 2015, many people dream of getting their finances in order. While it can feel overwhelming there are ways to make small changes today that will help you make big shifts in the future. Today’s I will give you four quick tips to help you become more financially stable, even while attending university. These four

By Emily Diekelmann Post-grad finances are the big elephant in the room that nobody talks to you about before graduation. After you receive your diploma and start your new job, all of a sudden you’re in the ocean with a life jacket but no boat, struggling to stay afloat while those big financial waves keep hitting.

By Emma Martin, Student at Ithaca College My college is ranked the 68th most expensive private college in the country. I chose my school because I LOVE the program they offer, but it is difficult balancing such an expensive school on a college student budget. Regardless of where your school falls on the ratings, I’m

By Laura Iglehart, Student at Georgetown University Shortly after the September fashion magazines have declared the hottest fall trends, fashion devotees everywhere flock to the stores (with Vogues in hand) to snatch up some of these of-the-moment pieces. Not surprisingly, these trendy “must-haves” are usually unique to high-end/designer boutiques and department stores and come with a