With the latest installment of Sex and the City hitting theaters this weekend, our Harvard blogger wonders if the franchise still holds meaning for big city girls like herself.

Think your boyfriend is spending a LITTLE bit too much time “liking” your BFF’s posts? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says beware.

Just because you’re not going away for the holiday weekend, doesn’t mean you have to fly solo.

“It’s not me, it’s you” is now being served up via a quick text and an even quicker deletion.

If you come out of your hole this groundhog’s day to find your shadow waiting for you, just be straight with him.

So is it possible to get any real insight on a guy from his Facebook profile, even if the majority of said profile is ironic? Totally. Consider the following:

This decade, I’m resolving to be a little more “southern belle,” as a friend of mine likes to say, and get to know the guy a little before I get too serious with him – kind of like sticking your toe in first before you jump into the pool. Because I mean, you never know. Someone could have peed in it.

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Streaked mascara. Tousled hair. Heels too high for 9 in the morning and a skirt too short for…well, anytime, really. What do all these things have in common? Three words: Walk. Of. Shame.

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