It’s Friday night and your girlfriends invited you out for a couple of drinks at a new bar that just opened up around campus. Although your heart screams yes, your mind decides to think logically and check your bank account. You realize that your paycheck isn’t looking so hot and you still have a couple

  Interview By: Emma Martin, Ithaca College One of the most exciting prospects of entering college is a new-found sense of freedom, but that independence also comes with a price. Literally. Sure. I love online shopping. In fact, I love in store shopping, too. Okay, I just love shopping. But sometimes—I can’t. I have school loans,

Looking for some books for Memorial Day weekend, or any day in general? These beach reads are sure to have you laughing, crying and perhaps searching for your goal this summer.

Author of Astrology Book Has the Answers

When the “go green” fiasco emerged a couple of years back I really wasn’t surprised, nor was I shocked we finally were seeing dramatic proof of global warming. I remember the weather changing over the years and not being “normal”, at least in my area. Something was wrong in Kansas if I recall going jacket-less

I always need a soundtrack to my summer. For some reason songs that are released in the spring/summer seasons always have more of an impact on me. Maybe it’s because during those seasons me and my friends find the time to go on various road trips, outings etc., where we blast various songs we’re feeling at the moment. Between now and summer there will be several worthy album releases from top notch artists to fill the summer with lots of rhythms, rhymes, hooks, and hits.

Lately, I’ve found myself thinking and blogging about career topics and thinking about graduation. Yes, I may have considered myself an adult before but as a college graduate you become a “real adult”. No longer can you comfortably rest of the label as college student who is allowed to be unemployed or have a part-time

Last Thursday a friend and I attended a magazine career conference. Upon entering there we felt a twinge of anxiety and also excitement. We were about to listen to some of the biggest names on the magazine scene tell us their stories and also give sound advice for budding journalists on how to make it.

Here are the essentials for a great day of football and friends!

After receiving an impressive amount of applications to join our Student Editorial Board for the 2007-2008 academic year, University Chic is pleased to announce our newest board members:

Janine Camara, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Nisha Chittal, University of Illinois

Brittany Hutson, Howard University

Jillian Sorgini, Hofstra University

Phoebe Wu, University of Missouri, Columbia

Congratulations and welcome from everyone at UChic!