As the second semester is in full swing, it’s easy to feel down. The weather is usually cold (unless you live in the south—lucky gals!), the homework starts to pile up, and for some of us, it may mean graduation’s approaching (um, YIKES!). The amount of stress that students endure sometimes can be overwhelming and

By: Annique Jones, University of Colorado Boulder When you first arrive on your college campus you’re either expecting your experience to be just like what you saw on your favorite college girl movie or you’re secretly terrified and don’t know what to expect, but you’re playing the cool kid role in front of mom and

The second-half of the school year is approaching quickly for most Chicsters, whether you are in high school or college! It can be hard to get motivated right away, but with these steps, you’ll already be set up for success. Make a goal: It’s hard to be motivated if you have no idea where you

After your holiday break, it’s time to start the Spring semester and finish out the year! Having experienced four holiday breaks (Being a Senior is so upsetting!), I know a thing or two about packing for the new semester before you go back to school. So, how much is too much? What should you pack?