Summer vacation can be a great time to try something new…even go for something big. Gracie Schram spent her summer vacation living out her dreams of becoming a music star. As you probably have already gotten the scoop, Gracie is one of our star Dreamers ( and the inspiration behind our Gracie case.  Her  summer

For me, trying to find leisure time to sit and enjoy a good book is nearly impossible during the school year. So, every summer, I make a personal goal to read more. I have so much more leisure time during the summer and there is nothing better than sitting by the pool or at the

Summer is just around the corner! Are you excited? I’ve been so worn out by the school year that it seems like freedom just can’t come quick enough. Of course the first thing I’m going to do is catch up on sleep, but after that, the world’s my oyster. These upcoming few months are really

You’ve spent many nights cramming for exams, worked on group projects and papers, and have finally completed your final exams. While most of us are relieved that the school year is finally over, some of us have forgotten what it feels like to relax for the summer. Here are seven ways to unwind for the