If you haven't already checked out PostSecret.com, you need to take a look at the most amazing compilation of secrets that are SURE to get a reaction out of you.


Here's the deal – people anonymously write their deepest, darkest secrets on a postcard and send it in to this website that posts the best ones up for the world to see. Tension relief without the conviction; what could be better?


In this case, an accessory from your purse can actually come to your rescue (and I’m not talking about your favorite lipgloss).

Pepperface – a compact aerosol pepperspray – stuns in more ways than one. It’s not only an indespensable item of protection, but also comes adorneded in numerous crystal designs.

Daily Candy’s got the scoop; check it out: Sergeant Pepper

 As we stare out the windows in class these days, the grey skies and cranky students walking around remind us that summer is a distant fantasy. But that doesn’t mean all the energy has to be sucked out of you…

One of the most recent celebrity splits in the headlines is Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz. Though it’s got to be a a lot of pressure to hold down such a high-profile relationship, isn’t it a little sad that every seemingly adorable couple has an expiration date?

 As everyone tries their hardest to stick to their New Year’s resolutions of losing weight or working harder, take a minute to reevaluate yourself on a different level. Get what you want this year by being honest – you owe it to yourself.

It’s the end of the night at the club and the hottie you’ve been dancing with for 3 whole songs wants to keep in touch. But it’s not about phone numbers written on napkins anymore – he says he’ll hit you up on MySpace. Extra convenient or a little creepy?

It doesn't matter if you’re spending New Year's Eve in a packed nightclub or enjoying a quiet night at home with your significant other, it’s the same protocol. When the clock hits 12, a toast is in order. And if you want to celebrate memories of the past year and envision an amazing year ahead, chances are you want to sip something that’s nothing less than fabulous.

 There’s a designer in all of us. This holiday, be the Vera Wang of Christmas cookies, all while supporting a good cause. Put your own creative spin on the traditional gingerbread man (what man doesn’t need a woman’s expertise anyway?) and it will be added to the website’s viewing gallery.

 Nothing to do this weekend? Weather not so great? Planning on staying in? Well, how about… oh I dunno… becoming an internet celebrity?

"But wait! I don't know what to do," you're saying. It's quite simple. Get yourself a digital video camera and a subscription to youTube, and you're all set.

Make up a show. Write a stand up act. Perform a monologue. The choices are only limited by your imagination.

Need some examples? Here's some great ones.

Hope Is Emo – A silly web sitcom about an "emo" girl named Hope. Her feelings towards erasers on chalkboards are brilliant. "How many times has the word love… been erased…"

The Urban Ninja – A guy who dresses as a ninja and attacks random people.

Now it's your turn. Go!

 Back in grade school, we spent a lot of time learning the Seven Wonders of the World, always disappointed to learn that almost all of them were destroyed in fires and earthquakes, and the only one still standing was built by aliens.

… okay fine, the pyramids weren't built by aliens.

However, the world has wised up, realizing that it's time to give ourselves a new set of wonders to teach our kids about. Ones that are still standing and visible.

New Seven Wonders, a website that already has well over 20 million votes, is allowing the public to CHOOSE their new set of wonders. The Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Colosseum… the list goes on and on.

Tell your friends, and go cast your vote!