Can you believe it’s nearly March? We’re ready to start thinking spring. You’ve finally made it to Friday, so take a quick break and check out great highlights this week: Sorority Savvy: The Best Advice Before You Bid: “During the first few weeks after your arrival on campus, you’re bombarded by various student groups all

Happy Friday, Chicsters!  What a week; we officially ended our New Year, New U campaign and added great new content on ‘Winter Wellness’ thanks to our stellar blog staff. Some highlights? Five Tips to Land Your Dream Internship: “Everyone has that one perfect internship in their mind—whether it’s a fashion internship, an engineering co-op or student opportunity

Whew– the week is finally over! What were our favorite stories on UChic this week? Check out excerpts below from our must-reads: Be Yourself- Finding Your Own Chic: “In case you haven’t heard, Nerd Girls are in right now. Make no mistake; we’ve always been around, hiding behind our GameBoy or the newest genre novel of