Meet Our 4th Edition of UChic – The #1 Girls’ Guide to College

The world is always changing. And so are the concerns and interests of young women in college. We thought about this a lot when we working on our 4th edition of our best-selling guidebook to college, UChic: College Girls’ Real Advice for Your First Year (And Beyond!)

For this new edition, we totally revamped the cover design for this book. But we also invested a serious amount of time in picking topics that are relevant to young women in college today.

For instance, with the cost of college continuing to skyrocket with young graduates ending up with over $30,000 in student loan debt, we have an entire new section on how to fund your extracurricular goals and activities that as a brand we are committed to funding.

And as always, we were inspired by the contributors’ essays. We want to thank and congratulate the writers for sharing their candid advice and personal stories. Meet our new contributors:

Alethia Russell, Auburn University
Alisa Sutton, Temple University
Ana Berkovich, Missouri State University
Ashley Yenick, Merrimack College 
Claudia Romkey, Dalhousie University
Emma Martin, Ithaca University
Katie Jones, Missouri State University
Sarah Dougherty, University of Alabama
Susan Fiorentino, Manhattan College 
Victoria Mazzella, Rutgers University
Anna Jonas Ottawa, Dalhousie University

With our book officially launching this month (April 2015), we want to celebrate by highlighting some of our favorite tips!

Have you gotten your copy of UChic yet? Share your favorite tips from the book – or even your own – in the comment section below!

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Thursday quote

Also some exciting news…

UChic has just received a STARRED review from Library Journal!

The reviewer said, “This work is an ideal gift for a female high school student planning to attend university in the near future and will remain an important reference tool as the semesters and years unfold… Recommended for collections that focus on college readiness and for individuals interested in preparing for college.”


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