Talk to Me


If I have to read one more advice column on “communication” in relationships, I might have to eat paper.

But based on experience, I may have to eat my words here…because communication really is the key to having a successful relationship.

Being stressed is a reason a lot of people stop communicating, especially in college. When we’re so busy with homework, midterms, jobs, and everything in between, just having time to relax becomes a chore.

It’s especially hard being in college and trying to simply find the time to talk on the phone with your parents, much less your significant other. Two friends of mine have been dating since freshman year of college, and the amount of fights caused by a lack of communication were numerous. And I’m not even being critical because I have been there and then some. Trust me.

It’s even more frustrating to be on the other end of things, waiting around for someone to call, to see if they’re free this weekend, or even tomorrow!

My advice is patience. Schedules will not always match up, and while this can be extremely frustrating, talking about it with each other will save you fights later. “Forgetting” to mention plans you have with your girlfriends this weekend will almost certainly lead to an argument later…and vice versa.

The bottom line is just be honest with your significant other. Communicate when you’re stressed and frustrated so the other person will have a head’s up. Plan things in advance with each other! Make the time, because when you do, the results will be well worth it.

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