Tarina Tarantino brings her sparkle to Sephora

For all the girls out there who can’t live without their sparkle and shine, take note: jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino has just teamed with Sephora for a bright new make-up line.

Tarantino is known as the Queen of Sparkle for her fun-loving jewelry line. Full of fluorescent baubles, glittery gems, crystal beads and other bright and crazy doodads (feathers! ribbons!), Tarantino’s collections are favorites of girly-girls everywhere, who flock to her trademark pink and green jewel box boutiques worldwide.

What few people know is that the accessories designer is also a former make-up artist, and she put that to good use with her new Sephora collaboration. The exclusive collection includes everything from pearly primer, rainbow eye shadow palates, “Gem” lip gloss and Sparklicity Shimmer Dust, a subtle glittery body spray in a feminine vintage bottle. There’s even hair accessories and jewelry pieces to round out the collection, and prices range from $19 (for adorable Candy Cameo lip gloss) to $69 (for a professional-grade Fuchsia Revolution make-up brushes).

It’s all sparkly, all packaged in Tarantino’s signature Barbie pink— and all available on Sephora.com right now. Shine on, girl. 


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