Thanksgiving Gratitude Practices

Holidays can be stressful. With all the gift shopping and parties to attend, it is easy to lose track of what it is all about. Practicing gratitude has always given me perspective. Sometimes the best way to get perspective is to practice gratitude. Here are five gratitude practices that will change your holiday season.

1. Gossip Less


Sometimes it is funny to exchange stories about your crazy boss. Or sometimes it is really comforting to talk to your friend about that horrible date you went on the night before. But remember, bonding shouldn’t just happen during the low moments. Gossip shouldn’t be the glue in a friendship. It is important to also celebrate opportunities and accomplishments in our life! So instead of complaining to your friends about your horrible English teacher, talk about what is good in your life.

2. Write a Thank You Letter


It is easy to get caught up in the busy routine of life. It is easy to forget about what is important in life. This week think about someone that has been inspirational or helpful. This could be a co-worker, friend or mentor. Send or give them a handwritten letter. No emails.

3. Give Thanks at a Meal:


We are always in a rush. Most of us are lucky if we eat together without the TV. So this week, get together with your friends or family for a meal. Turn the TV off. Put your cell phones away. Before you chow down take two-minutes to discuss one moment that changed your day for the better.

4. Keep a Daily Gratitude List:


For the next seven days make a gratitude list. You can do this on notecards or in a notebook. But keep them all together. It will be nice to look back at the past and see the inspiring happenings that surrounded you.

5. Say Thank you:


Sometimes we forget the Version Wireless representative on the phone is a real person. That barista at Starbucks she has bills to pay too. She too worries about all the same day-to-day issues you do. Be kind. Be patient. And thank them for helping you.

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