“The Hills'” Top Ten Most Defining Moments

It feels like the end of an era. After six seasons filled with drama, parties and friendships beginning and ending, The Hills aired its last and final episode on Tuesday night. Here’s a list of the best top 10 moments from the series to help ease the loss:

1. Watch out Teen Vogue

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port’s first day of work at Teen Vogue at the beginning of Season 1 not only began a new page in their lives, but it also launched an incredible friendship.   First on their agenda as fashion mag employees? Makeovers, of course! (Which came in pretty handy once Whit was told her outfit was too “match-y, match-y.”)

2. Hello, Justin Bobby

What would The Hills have been like without its token bad boy, Justin? The introduction of Justin (dubbed "Justin Bobby" by Lo and LC) to the show in Season 3 ended up launching a love story that would pan out season after season between him and Audrina. His rude attitude didn’t exactly set a good first impression for LC and Lo, but since when did anyone’s opinion of JB ever stop Audrina? By the way, a haircut does you good, JB. Never grow it out again.

3. LC and "The dress"

What made The Hills so relatable was the fact that Lauren and crew are always learning from their mistakes. One of the biggest and most memorable snafus came when LC and Whitney were in Paris, and LC accidentally burned her dress for the ball. After a couple moments of crisis, Whitney came to her rescue and LC ended the night riding on a Vespa with a hot French boy. Tres chic!


4. The Return of Stephen

Anyone who watched LC’s exploits on Laguna Beach remembers the oh-so-dramatic love triangle of Stephen, Kristin and LC from their high school days. That’s why it was extremely surprising when Stephen Colletti came back into the picture. Though nothing became of their dinner “date,” it was nice to finally see Lauren get some closure.


5. Whit takes a Tumble

Whitney receives the opportunity of a lifetime when she's asked to model Hillary Swank’s dress from the Oscars for a Teen Vogue TV segment. Basking in the glory of her first huge modeling opportunity, good ole' Whitney missed a step and wiped out on the stairs LIVE on national television. After a good cry and comforting words from LC, she was able to hold onto whatever dignity she had and move on.


6. Spencer Pratt: Official Mom Basher

Nobody would ever consider Spencer Pratt to be a nice guy (uh, sex tape rumor anyone?), but during Season 6, he hit a whole new low. While rehashing Heidi’s encounter with her mother after receiving plastic surgery, he made plenty of accusations. This included that Darlene “emotionally raped” his wife.  “She’s just a vagina,” Spencer said while creepily petting a lamb in his lap, causing everyone to discover how serious the situation was.

7. Heidi Preggers?

One of the craziest Speidi moments came when Heidi admitted to her therapist that she wanted to try to get pregnant on purpose to force Spencer to like the idea. Her therapist’s look is priceless. This was one of many signs their relationship was headed for disaster…and yet another reason to question Heidi’s sanity.

8. Lauren’s Staying? WTF?!?

One of the biggest “Oh no, she didn’t” moments in series when LC decided to pass on the Teen Vogue internship in Paris and stay with Jason in California. Jason and LC eventually went their separate ways (thankfully, since he's been in and out of jail ever since) at the beginning of the next season, which wasn’t a huge surprise. On a positive note, LC taught all of us a good lesson: Never pick the boy over the job!

9. A Friendship Ends

Anyone who’s ever had to end a toxic friendship can totally relate to LC when she broke up with her former BFF and roommate, Heidi Montag. “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you,” is one of the most memorable quotes from the show. This moment officially ended the friendship between the duo and highlighted Heidi’s preference of Spencer over Lauren. Though Lauren and Heidi eventually come to a nice agreement, things were never the same between them after this episode.

10. Heidi and Spencer's Wedding

How much more dramatic could one episode get? Heidi and Spencer FINALLY tied the knot after eloping in Mexico, and two very surprising guests ended up in attendance. Kristin from Laguna Beach showed up and after choosing a seat next to Justin Bobby, proving she wasn’t about to be kicked around. This marked the beginning of Kristin’s time as narrator and LC’s official exit from the show.


Goodbye dramatic pauses. Goodbye overuse of the word "like." Goodbye hot outfits and even hotter guys. So long, friend. We'll miss you!


By Kara Apel, University of South Carolina


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