Will E-Textbook Tablets Soon Replace the iPad?

Today’s technology is expanding at a rapid pace.  Especially with new devices such as the iPad, which can arguably be named the world’s hottest technological device of 2010.  They can be found all over college campuses, in the hands of students eager to take full advantage of its convenient size and capability compared to iPhones and computers.  The question is, what will come out next?  Is it possible that there may be a new device that is great enough to rise above the popularity of the iPad?

By Christmas of 2010, tablet computers with E-textbook capabilities, specifically the Kno, will be available to students all over with irresistible features that may outshine all iPad applications to date.  Why is the Kno so great?  With it’s E-textbook capabilities we may be able to kiss the dreaded backpack full of books goodbye for good.  With this device, not only will students be able to walk around campus with out being weighed down, but they also may be able to save a little extra money.  When purchasing textbooks on the Kno, students will be given an extra 30-50% discount off of the regular textbook price.  Even overlooking these great factors, there are many other details you might not want to miss out on.  The Kno makes it easy for users to flip back and forth through pages, keep track of important documents, and even take notes and research straight out of the book with a stylus.  

With all of these great features in mind, there are still people who may prefer the iPad over the Kno.  IPad users say that this device may not be a success in comparison because it is more expensive and has not yet been proven to offer more bang for your bucks.  On the other hand, many Kno supporter stress the long-term financial savings the iPad can't offer given the average student spends close to $800 a year on college textbooks. 

Wand to learn more about the Kno?  Check out the Kno E-Textbook tablet at thekno.com!

By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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