Thinking Ahead: Are You Ready for the Rest of the Year?


It’s officially the Home Stretch… are you ready? This time of the semester and school year is tough. It’s that point where classes are really pounding the pavement towards finals, campus activities are finishing up, and you’re feeling like you have a million things to do and people to see before it’s time to pack up for the summer. Make sure you have a game plan so you can handle everything as it comes at you.

Here are a few things you should be careful to not overlook:

Grades. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy—especially after spring break— to check out at the thought of summer. In college there are many times when you’ll only have 3-4 grades total for a class. If you slack off and delay studying, that one off grade could cancel out all of the hard work you’ve been putting into the course all semester. Little homework grades, pre-lab quizzes, and attendance grades also add up like crazy. As the nice weather comes to campus and a tease of summer approaches, try your best to focus and plan to finish homework early so that you can lounge at the pool or on the quad with friends.

Course Selection. Don’t wait until the morning of your registration time slot to look up the classes you might want to take. Schedule a time with your adviser, have some ideas as to which gen-eds or major courses you want to balance next fall and make a plan of professors and potential times you want them. It’ll make that scheduling time so much easier and you’ll be way more confident knowing that you’ll get the right credits for everything and stay on track.

Finals. In the fall semester, you took your finals, packed up your dirty laundry to take home, and left for a month. The spring semester isn’t nearly as simple. Think ahead and make a calendar of which days you have which exams, and schedule in study times so that you stay organized, prepared, and not flustered! This will help you be much calmer as exams and packing approach, and you can easily coordinate with friends on study group times or tutoring.

Anticipate Moving Out. You must think about move out around your study plan! Really try to avoid putting off packing because it will just add to the large amount of stress finals already bring, and getting packing done strategically will give you more time to see friends before you part ways for the summer. Consider donating clothes you never wear to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army so you have less to bring home!

Finalize summer plans. ‘Tis the season to hear back from employers and internship supervisors! Make sure you are following up with anyone you’ve interviewed or connected with about summer internships or opportunities. It’ll hit crunch time and be too late if you linger in replying to an email or returning a phone call. You’ll feel so much happier and carefree knowing where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing for the summer.

Take each day as it comes. If you have a huge homework assignment due, do it. If you accidentally email submit the wrong paper draft, get in touch with your professor ASAP and explain. Take deep breaths. Each day will have its perks and drags, and as everything wraps up, be careful to not over-exhaust yourself! This last little bit is supposed to be a fun conclusion, so let it be one! You’ve worked so hard all year, grind it out and finish strong!

Fun. It’s the last little bit of the school year! Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, make the most of this time! Next year will bring new classes, possibly new roommates, and new opportunities. It will never be just as it is now again—enjoy it! Really try to use your time wisely so you can go to a concert or dinner with people at a moment’s notice without worrying the entire time about all the work you had put off.

Don’t let opening up your agenda book give you a panic attack. You’ve got this! Look to the rest of the semester, put in all assignments and exams, and plan accordingly.

The key to accomplishing everything you want to before you go home for the summer is in organizing and being prepared. Start studying earlier than normal, and this way you can study in shorter increments and still enjoy the beautiful spring days on your campus. Don’t overlook big things that disguise themselves as insignificant. Keep up with your laundry, try to sleep more regularly and exercise—it’ll make you feel so much better and give you more energy to accomplish more each day! Go take a look at what you have coming up in April and May and get started on your game plan so you’re ready! You’ve got this!

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