Three Great Reasons to Vote in This Week’s Mid-term Elections

Apathy will not win you any points if you're on the fence about whether voting in this week's mid-term elections really matters. As a matter of fact, it could hurt you financially and impact your health if you don't get out there and make yourself heard. If you and your friends are wondering about the benefits, here's three great reasons why making time to vote is so important:


1. Insurance – Under the current Obama health care plan, young adults under the age of 26 can get health insurance through their parents. This is key considering many college grads are having a hard time finding jobs – which means you don't have to worry about getting sick and not being able to afford a trip to the doctor or prescriptions. Now MANY candiates on both sides are promising to overhaul this entire program (or cut it outright) if voted into office. If this happens, you can bet that this initiative will most likely be cut.

2. Reproductive Health – Under this same health care program is a bill that could possibly make birth control free to those who qualify. GOP candidates have a problem with this because they feel that morally it supports a pro-choice agenda. No matter what your belief on this issue, responsible family planning is especially important in today's economy where financial uncertainty can impact a healthy pregnancy and your ability to care for a child.

3. Financial Aid and Government Funding for Colleges – Recent legislation to expand financial aid offerings and limit liability when it comes to defaulting on student loans have made big news in 2010, but will it still be a priority when the new regime comes into office? Every candidate is promising to make extreme changes and cut spending, so who's to say your financial aid package or Pell Grant will be protected?


No matter what your political leanings, these issues impact ALL OF YOU. Don't let your vote go uncounted!

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